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    CTASA has a phone number that will inform you of the current match status. This will be updated by the Match Director if there is any chance the match may be cancelled.

    Have you ever woke up in the morning to rain in your part of Texas and wondered if the range is dry or under 6 feet of water? Call the Match Hotline and see if the match is a go. If the match is going to be cancelled there will be a message on the hotline stating that the match has been cancelled.

    Put this number in your phone!


    If you're new to competition shooting and you live near the Fort Worth area, this article will help you get started now. Our forum contains a LOT of information and please spend some time there to familiarize yourself with our matches and people. But, the forum can be TOO much information, so we've put together this quick start guide. If you are interested in action ...
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    The Zero Down Club
    We'd like to recognize those who have shot a perfect match
    Zero Down!

    Name Div / Class - Date Date Date Date Date Date
    John T SSP / EX - April 2013

    Cody R CDP / EX - June 2012 CDP / EX - Mar 2014

    Matt Bil SSP / MA - Jan 2012 SSP / MA - Feb 2014 ESP / EX - Feb 2016 @ LSGGG ESP / EX July 2016 ESP / EX Sept

    Kurt N SSP/MM - June 2012 SSP/MM - May 2013

    Jeri L M CDP / MM - Jan 2014

    Shane B SSP / SS - April 2014 ESP / SS - Feb 2016 CDP / SS June 2016 CCP/ EX July 2016 CDP / SS Aug 2016 @Defender Outdoors CDP / SS Sept 2016
    Jeff H SSP / MA - Aug 2015 SSP / MA - Nov 2015 CCP / MA - Jan 2016

    James L CCP / EX - Dec 2015

    Mike N ESP / EX - April 2016
    Toby F ESP / SS - May 2016 ESP / SS - Sept 2016
    Paul V CDP / SS Aug 2016

    Membership in this elite club comes after you shoot Zero Down and penalty free during a regular Cross Timbers IDPA match.
    You must also finish in the top third of the shooters present. The location is Winchester unless otherwise noted.

    Cross Timbers is a competitive shooting club in the DFW Texas area. We shoot IDPA, USPSA, Multi-Gun and Steel matches. We have 12 matches a month at 4 ranges on the west side of DFW. For info on when our matches are scheduled please see our Match Calendar:



    What does it cost to shoot an IDPA match?
    The cost to shoot a match is broken down into two parts.
    #1. Range fee that is paid to the owners of the range. At Winchester it is $10.28
    #2. Fee to Cross Timbers for members is $5.00, non members is $10.00

    Total: ...

    Welcome to Cross Timberís IDPA! The International Defensive Pistol Association, founded in 1996, is an organization that promotes defensive pistol shooting as a sport, using equipment to solve simulated "real world" self-defense scenarios. All participants will learn and practice responsible gun handling while having a great time.

    Click Read More for the full safety briefing ---->